Build muscle, lose fat, ditch the negative mindset and gain confidence!!

Do you avoid the weight section at the gym because you think you'll look stupid, do the moves incorrectly, or worse, hurt yourself?

Are you nervous that lifting weights will make you 'bulky'?

Curious how to get scuplted shoulders, a round back side and flat(ter) stomach?

Are you sick of spending time on the dreadmill or elliptical every day?

The Mindset2Muscles program delivers butt kicking strength training workouts, easy to understand nutrition guidelines and daily mindset activities and journaling prompts to help ladies overcome a negative mindset, achieve their goals and exceed expectations.
It builds strength.

A lot of ladies tend to stay close to the cardio machines at the gym. While this gets their body moving, they don't often see the results they want. By swapping weights for the machines, women can decrease the risk of heart disease, lower blood pressure, improve cholesterol AND bone density, while adding lean muscle mass, leading to greater fat loss!

It focuses on fueling your body in a sustainable way.

How many diets are out there? Too many. While some work for a time, most are not sustainable in the long term. What if there was a way to lose fat, build muscle, increase your energy levels and just feel all around great? The answer is eating real food! This program talks about the importance of eating real food, how nutrient timing can play a role in body composition changes, and helps ladies develop a healthy relationship with food without feeling deprived.

It emphasizes the importance of mindset.

How many times has your Inner Mean Girl fed you some lie about how you will never reach your goal? Maybe she has you believing you will never see positive body changes? Maybe your limiting beliefs hold you back from being your best self. Each day, we take a couple minutes to focus in on what may be holding us back and create positive action plans to make shit happen.

It has you lifting real weight.

For ladies that do venture out to the lifting floor, they often use very light weights, hoping that with enough reps, they will see results. The truth is, it will take a lot of time and repetitions to see positive body composition changes using light weight. Moving a heavier load promotes muscle growth and strength in less time.

It provides community.

Having support, encouragement and accountability can be a game changer when it comes to reaching goals and staying on track. Through private Facebook groups, YOU have the opportunity to connect with other women doing the same program, with similar goals.

It helps you work smarter in the gym.

All Mindset2Muscles workouts are under 1 hour, some a short as 30 minutes. These workouts help you make the most of your time in the gym, so you can fit your workouts into your life, not the other way around.

Here are some of the program successes from previous participants:

"I have defined muscle in my arms now-- how crazy is that!"

"I'm going to gym wayyy more than I ever have in my lifetime and I stopped running to focus on weight lifting."

"I lost 4 pounds! "

"I have more motivation to really narrow down my eating. I also was able to push myself to deadlift past my goal!"

"Mindset can truly help you in your long-term goals of being a better you!"

"Workouts don't have to be 2 hours to be effective"

"I am rethinking my perfectionistic mindset and realizing that trying to be perfect is exactly what is making me miserable. I have noticeably strengthened my weakest link, lower back-hams-glutes, and have realized that I have been neglecting to train and do mobility work in these areas."

"If you don't raise the weight, no one else will! I learned to push myself."

Mindset2Muscles is an excellent program. Jen offers great workouts, comprehensive nutrition advice, reflective mindset journal prompts, and great emotional support. I would definitely recommend this program to women looking to get more comfortable in the weight room or challenge themselves in new ways!! - Exa A.

I genuinely enjoyed this program. It taught me that I am more than capable of lifting heaving things, and that I can continue to reach and pass my goals. This program provided encouragement to keep trying. This program also opened my eyes to different ideas on how to change my nutrition when lifting weights. It was a great experience!! - Sarah R.

I highly recommend the Muscles2 Mindset Program. Jen has a very thorough and well thought out plan to get you out of your current mindset and comfort zone helping lead you in the direction of your goals, whatever they may be. Jen is hugely knowledgable, encouraging, and supportive. There are no gimmicks with this program. If you do the work, you will succeed....with support the whole way! - Teri B. 


Hi, I'm Jen.
I’m passionate about ladies owning their body, gaining strength, being confident, and feeling awesome.

I'm a Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor and Nutrition Coach!

I didn’t see the importance of strength training until my husband challenged me to lift heavy things at the gym for 2 months, about 3 years ago. Being a ‘cardio bunny’ that thrived on high intensity interval training, I wasn’t convinced that this ‘strength training’ stuff he talked about was for me.

Because I love a challenge and I’m very competitive, I decided to try it out. I’ll be honest, the first week was a bit rough. To my surprise, by the 3rd and 4th week, I began to enjoy lifting heavy things. By the end of the 2 months, I was lifting heavier than when I began. I started to see muscles form in places they hadn’t been before. My body transformed.

Not only did I gain muscle, I gained confidence. That confidence helped me learn to embrace and appreciate my body – from my curvy quads to my muscular shoulders!

My love of lifting has stayed strong over the past 3 years. Last fall, I began to notice the bar was continually loaded with the same weight; I wasn't progressing. My Husband kept telling me to lift heavier, but I kept making excuses and didn’t listen. I knew how to perform the lifts. I worked out regularly. My nutrition and energy levels were great. I finally realized I was listening to the limiting beliefs and negative self-talk my Inner Mean girl spouted off. When I started to shift my mindset, I was quickly able to add more weight to the bar.

That's how Mindset2Muscles was born.

Can I tell you a quick story?

I've known Sarah for a couple years now. She used to take my classes and was a personal training client. When she started Mindset2Muscles, her deadlift goal was 155#. In the first couple weeks, she sent me videos of her lifts and asked for feedback. I'd provide simple movement adjustments or cues to help her get the most out of the lift. By the third week, her form was great, but she needed to put more weight on the bar.

It's scary though, right? To add more plates to the bar or increase the dumbbell weight. What if you can't lift it?! When your form is on point and you know how to do the lift properly, it comes down to fear, limiting beliefs and negative self-talk, telling you that you can't do it.

By the 5th week, Sarah exceeded her goal. Today, she's continues to improve - pulling almost 170#.

This is why Mindset2Muscles exists - to give women the resources and support they need to confidently crush their goals. To show women that they have the right to lift heavy things and be strong. To inspire and encourage women to fully embrace their body.


Girl, I get it. You want the look of being ‘toned’, but not like you could rip a phone book in half. I’m with you. Here’s a few secrets:

Bulky means different things to different people. If you desire a ‘toned’ or sculpted muscular look, strength training will help you get that look.

In order to 'look like a man' or a female bodybuilder, you must be incredibly strict with your meal intake by counting calories, cutting out foods and incorporating a lot of supplements. These individuals spend hours in the gym, meticulously working each muscle group. There is no way a 6 week strength program will produce these results.

Strength training aids in fat loss – in a more sustainable way that doing endless amounts of cardio. Muscle is expensive for our body to carry, which means it helps burn more calories. With a proper diet, strength training can aid in sustainable weight loss.

Is this program really for me?

Mindset2Muscles IS for ladies that:

* Have experience working out and would consider themselves to be an intermediate level of fitness

* Want to work hard, build strength and see muscle definition

* Want to learn sustainable nutritional strategies

* Want to be more confident and love their body

* Want to see positive body composition changes

Mindset2Muscles is NOT for ladies that:

* Don't want to work hard

* Expect a fast fix

* Only want to do cardio for a workout

* Need to be in a group fitness class to stay motivated

If you've been waiting to do strength training, but are not sure where to start…

Weight training was always something I've wanted to do but never really knew what to do! This program took out all of the guess work and provided an easy to follow but very challenging routine! Over the 6 weeks I definitely noticed that I was feeling stronger and able to increase the weight I used for each exercise! The mindset work that we did has been so useful in all aspects of my life! I now have tools that I use on a daily basis to help me silence the negative self-talk that used to be ever present in my mind. This program has taught me a lot about myself, most importantly is that when you go outside of your comfort zone, pretty awesome things happen! 
My biggest takeaways from this program: 1) I am strong!! 2) I deserve to make/take time for myself! 3) I don't have to be perfect in order to be successful!! - Eileen R.

If you walk into the gym, making a beeline for the treadmill because the weight section is overwhelming…

This was an incredible program that gave me the confidence to walk into the gym and know what I needed to do. I felt like I saw a change in my definition and muscle tone, but more than anything my confidence! I enjoyed the education and support throughout the program. The challenges kept me motivated and I loved the shifts in mindset! - Jen D.

If you are just starting to workout and are unsure that you can get strong by working out at home…

I'm definitely more positive about my ability to weight lift-- I always felt like it was something I couldn't do at home or I didn't know where to start with a home routine. So now I know I can successfully push myself in that area.

[Mindset2Muscles] was definitely my best decision of 2017! I'd never done strength training before and even though the program was set for intermediate learners, I was still able to adapt to fit my beginner needs. The daily interactions via e-mail and Facebook were great motivators to stay on track and I saw results so much faster than I ever expected. While I might not stick to quite the same hardcore workout schedule, I loved the program enough that I'll definitely be keeping some core components in my weekly exercise routines in the future. And the nutritional component was really helpful--balancing my eating better has helped improve my mood and snacking habits. I'm so happy I finally found a great program to kick-start my strength-training-- and I never even had to go to the gym.  - Katie M.


What's included?

* 5 weekly workouts around 45 minutes
* Gym Track and At-Home Track options
* Video tutorials
* Workout Print Off with Photos
* Daily Mindset Activities and Journaling Prompts
* Nutrient Timing Tips and Advice
* Grocery Planning Template & Recipe Guide
* Accountability through Facebook group

* PREP WEEK STARTS: June 14, 2017
* 6 WEEK PROGRAM STARTS: June 18, 2017


This program combines a wonderful holistic approach to nutrition, mindset, and exercise. The workouts can be adapted to any fitness level, can be done at home or in the gym, and are only around 30 minutes! Plus, Jen offers tons of guidance in nutrition and especially in having the proper mindset in order to achieve your goals. I have renewed relationship with food and body image, plus I'm lifting heavier than I have in the past. This is a great program!  - Jaime S.

This is the second time I've done a program with Jen and really loved it (again). I like the variety of workouts created. In addition, the journaling activities really help with some of the mental challenges that can hamper efforts to reach my fitness goals. As always, I also appreciated Jen's willingness to be available for 1:1 sessions and answering questions in the larger Facebook group.  - Nandini B.

I am absolutely 100% happy with this program. I was skeptical, but Jen went above and beyond my expectations. She was super helpful, responsive, and patient. Her work outs weren't difficult but do able, and I noticed a definite difference in my strength and weight. Highly highly highly recommend!  - Abbie M.


This program was great from start to finish. Jen truly and really cares about the women she's pushing forward toward fitness starting with our minds. I would totally recommend this program to a friend and hope to try this again in the future.  - Krista D.
Included is an Ab Circuit Workout, a Workout Calendar and The Ultimate Food Prep Guide, a 40+ page guide to quick and easy food prep!

I stand behind all my products and services. If you are not 100% satisfied with Mindset2Muscles, email me and I will refund your purchase.

If you are ready to build muscle, lose fat, ditch the negative mindset and gain confidence it's time to purchase Mindset2Muscles.

The program is only for purchase available until June 13th!
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